Ben & Jerry’s

Ben and Jerrys

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts the other day, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. As it never fails to do, it got me thinking. I started wondering about how much politics and the news industry have changed with social media and technology. Has community life changed too? Do we engage civically in 2016 the same ways we did in 2006? 1996? 1986?

I’m willing to bet ten pints of Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream that today in 2016, we can find new ways to build connectedness in our communities, nationwide, and globally.

And so, I’ve started this blog.

I’m writing about my civic adventures in Brookline and Boston, and I’m inviting you to join me wherever you are.

There are so many opportunities for civic engagement.

We can vote, support candidates, and run for office. We can read, watch, and follow the news. We can listen to podcasts.

We can attend town or city events, or meet our neighbors at block parties. We can read about our local history. We can serve fellow community members through soup kitchens and clothing drives. We can explore and clean our parks and public spaces.

We can debate and dream boldly with our friends, family, and strangers.

That’s just the beginning.

I’m going on a journey to discover the virtues and vulnerabilities of living fully in our democratic society. I’ll share my path, and I hope that together we’ll find limitless possibilities. Wherever you are in your career, schooling, or life, there is a way to exercise your role as a citizen.

Civic engagement is more than just voting. It’s being present and active in our communities.

I’m excited to begin. Will you join me?

I’d love any ideas so please feel free to leave comments or email me. We’ll see where this goes!